Bring great coffee to your next gathering or meeting and support the refugee community at the same time!

1 Gallon of Coffee (Regular or Decaf) or Hot Water for tea serves 16 x 8 oz cups and is $36. This price includes creamer (dairy and non-dairy), sweetener (sugar and non-sugar), cups, and stir sticks. Hot Water with no tea bags costs $10 for a disposable container, cups, creamer, etc.


Choose a variety box or select your pastries, made fresh daily, one by one from the following options:

Pastries are offered at a flat rate of $4.25 per pastry.


Catering is currently pickup only.*


We offer disposable and reusable containers.

Catering orders of coffee and/or hot water for tea in disposable containers require a 1-business day notice while reusable containers requires a 2-business day notice.

Reusable containers must be returned to the cafe within 48hrs of use or a late charge of $10 per day will be added to your invoice each day until the containers are returned.


All pastry orders require a 3-business day notice.

Pastries are provided in cardboard pastry boxes.

No order is considered placed until you receive confirmation from 1951 catering staff. Payment must be made in advance for all orders that include pastries.

*Delivery is only available at First Presbyterian Church Berkeley.