Retail Manager
Berkeley, California

1951 Coffee is on a mission to build a community to make successful refugee resettlement a reality. We are currently seeking a great new staff member as our Berkeley Retail Manager to start November 4th, 2019. 

Oversee Coffee Quality and Standards and the Customer Experience

At both café locations in Berkeley, CA, ensure the following activities are prioritized and completed
• Maintain organization and cleanliness of the café 
• Uphold safety and health standards for café
• Liaise with Environmental Health and uphold City of Berkeley health code requirement
• Ensure staff are completing all necessary tasks to keep the cafes clean and organized

Maintain coffee quality
• Implement, uphold, and train staff on the proper measurements, timing, and temperature for preparation of all coffee, tea, and additional beverages,
• Ensure ingredients and supplies are stored correctly for quality and safety, and
• Experience in the coffee industry to help create new coffee beverages and uphold quality

Maintain 1951’s theory on customer service
• Ensure all customers are greeted with the highest degree of friendliness and respect,
• Monitor drink preparation so that all beverages are made to the highest quality and prepared in a timely manner,
• Support baristas in all training needs for customer service

Actively support the café’s environment for community education
• Understand the refugee resettlement process and how 1951 Coffee fits into it in order to be able to communicate the story with customers.
• Ability to participate in presentations and interviews as needed. 

Support, Mentor, and Direct Café Staff
• Directly manage a Lead Barista at each café, who will provide on-the-ground café-specific support
• Provide on-going training to new and existing staff 
• Provide leadership development to help staff grow in their positions
• Complete weekly scheduling of barista shifts 
• Manage on-going communication with staff to update on new menu items, processes, etc.
• Willing and able to respectfully correct staff on their daily responsibilities
• Willing and able to receive feedback and criticism from staff on café operations; Work with leadership to address any issues and find timely resolutions

Manage catering program
• Work with assistance from staff to manage all catering orders: answer 1951 catering emails, confirm orders, calendar orders, and work with staff to complete orders
• Send information to 1951 Operations Coordinator, who manages invoicing and payment

Administrative Support
• Work with Lead Baristas of each location to manage and track café inventory, including coffee, dairy, general supplies, food items, retails items, and catering supplies; Submit orders in a timely manner with all of our vendors
• Be on-site (or ensure lead baristas are) or in café to accept weekly deliveries

Candidate Requirements
Mindset & Values
• Lead with mindfulness. Our cafés operate with a bottom line of supporting our employees and their journey resettling in the U.S.  While profitability is a must, the support of our staff and their development is our ultimate measure of success. 
• Lead by example. The ideal candidate will see the value in completing every cafe task, even what may be considered the most menial, with dedication and a positive attitude.
• Team builder. Focused on health and satisfaction of every 1951 staff member, with a commitment toward providing supportive, patient, and on-going professional development. 
• Culture Creator. Maintain cohesion of the team and create a culture of inclusion, compassion, patience, joy, fun, and welcome (for both staff and customers)

Qualifications & Skills
• Available to respond by phone, or in person if needed, during all hours of café operations
• Minimum of 6 months’ experience as a barista in the specialty coffee industry; skills should include dialing in an espresso machine, ability to make and teach different coffee preparations (including variety of pour overs and espresso), and basic trouble shooting, maintaining, and cleaning of coffee equipment, and ability to teach beverage presentation including latte art 
• Leadership experience, either professionally or personally
• Proficiency in using a computer and other forms of digital communication; Including: emailing, scheduling systems, Microsoft and Google products, and Dropbox
• Truly great communication skills, including public speaking, one-on-one relationship development, and a positive, cheerful demeanor 
• Ability to support interpersonal communications across a variety of different cultural backgrounds
• Capable of respectful, direct communication, especially in regards to staff development and feedback on how to perform job duties
• Commitment to and understanding the needs of people with refugee experiences, including those who come through the refugee program, have asylum status, and/or special immigrant visas
Ability to lift and carry up to 40 pounds, and to push, pull, or carry objects; Good dexterity and coordination; Excellent stamina

Benefits & Compensation
$60,000 + $3,000 annual coffee education stipend. Medical benefits and retirement plan. 12 days paid vacation in addition to all federal holidays, 72 hours sick leave, and annual company closure from Dec 24th – Jan 1st. 

No calls about the position; Please read requirements thoughtfully and apply if you have the experience and desire to fulfill the job functions.

How to Apply
Along with your resume, include a brief statement on why you want this job and why you are a good fit. Keep it short and to the point! Please send to with the subject “Berkeley Retail Manager Application: [Your Name and Your Family Name]”