Durable Solution

Durable Solution

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The Durable Solution derives its name from the goal of the UNHCR in any refugee crisis. They search for a goal that will again provide stability and future for each person forced to flee. That could be returning safely home, settling in a second country, or for those most in need resettlement in a third country like the United States.

A classic, steady flavor profile with notes of cherry cola, milk chocolate, creamy body with lemon acidity. Ideal for a multitude of uses such as drip, pour over, French press, and more. Once you get your beans, check out our Brew Guide Page to figure out which way you like best.

Roast: Medium
Origin: 50% Colombia San Lorenzo and 50% Ethiopia Kedamai, washed.
Tasting Notes: Cherry Cola, Milk Chocolate, creamy body with Lemon acidity.

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