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Our vision

To see refugees welcomed into the United States as dignified members of our society. This means not only being supported, but being given a chance to shape their own lives.

We believe

That the coffee industry, operating at the center of American society, has the ability to influence the perspective of our nation. By welcoming refugees as fellow team members, cafes exemplify the type of human-focused hospitality that we hope to embrace as a country.

What we’re looking for

Coffee industry professionals who want to participate in our vision and are willing to share knowledge, resources, and job opportunities. Some of our current partners include Blue Bottle, Mazarine Coffee, Starbucks, Guerilla Cafe, and Cole Coffee.

We see making a great cup of coffee as the first step in a coffee industry career, but we also understand that not everyone starts as a barista. We welcome other opportunities in roasting/production and food prep. 

It takes a community to make successful refugee resettlement possible.

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