1951 Coffee is on a mission to build a community to make successful refugee resettlement a reality. We are currently seeking a great new staff member to support our catering, online store, and general coffee shop retail needs as 1951’s café operations grow.

TITLE: Catering and Retail Support Coordinator

SUMMARY: Under the direction of the Director of Programs, coordinate 1951’s growing catering program, new online store, and support the needs of our Berkeley-based coffee shops. Responsibilities include:

I. Coordinate and grow the catering program

– Coordinate all catering orders:
o Answer 1951 catering emails daily and confirm orders with customers o Fill out catering form and deliver to café manager to calendar
o Ensure orders in being prepared for timely pick-up and delivery
– Delivery of catering items to our two partners, the David Brower Center and UC Berkeley
– Grow the catering program to include new, long-term partners
– Work with 1951 staff to develop and execute marketing efforts to garner new customers

II. Administrative Support

– Work with finance department for sending invoices and collecting payment
– Coordinate and track catering supply inventory, including coffee, dairy, bags, cups, and other items
as needed
– Provide input on catering program development, decisions on product and food offerings, and
strategic direction.

III. Online Retail Coordination

– Coordinate fulfillment of online store orders:
o Receive orders, prepare items, ship items
o Work with customers on any fulfillment issues or returns
o Keep inventory and work with design team on re-ordering retail items

IV. Retail Cafe Support

– When catering or online orders are slow, work with the Director of Programs on a variety of other tasks to support our cafes:
o Assisting one of 1951’s coffee shops in completing a barista shift
o Delivering inventory to one of 1951’s coffee shops
o Assisting with pop-up café opportunities or other marketing efforts
o Other duties as assigned


Qualifications & Skills
-Able to converse and write in English with relative ease to confirm orders with customers.
-Available to respond to email every day of the week, except for holidays, paid time off, sick
days, and other scheduled breaks.
-Flexible schedule. Most orders happen in the mornings Monday to Friday, but catering orders can happen any time and any day of the week.
-High Proficiency in using a computer, email, and other forms of digital communication;
Including: emailing, vendor ordering systems, scheduling systems, Microsoft Office (Word &
Excel), Google products, and Dropbox
-Truly great communication skills, including public speaking, one-on-one relationship
development, and a positive, cheerful demeanor
-Commitment and understanding the needs of people with refugee experiences, including those
who come through the refugee program, have asylum status, and/or special immigrant visas
-Ability to lift and carry up to 40 pounds, and to push, pull, or carry objects; Good dexterity and coordination; Excellent stamina
-Car is required which can be used for delivery

Benefits & Compensation:
35 hours per week $18/hr + tips; Full medical benefits and paid time off; Full reimbursement for
delivery travel and parking.

How to Apply:

Email your resume and cover letter to doug@1951coffee.com